Bizarre Oddities: Spy Kitten Sees A Dark Side To Coldplay’s “A Head Full Of Dreams” Album Cover

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  • We thought this video was interesting, what do you think? We decided to add it to our Bizarre Oddities file.

    Bizarre Oddities: Spy Kitten Sees A Dark Side To Coldplay’s “A Head Full Of Dreams” Album Cover
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    Kabbalah EXPOSED?

    By Spy Kitten

    Coldplay has recently released a Brand New Album called – A Head Full Of Dreams & a New Song called Adventure Of A Lifetime.
    & They are filled with BLATANT Illuminati, Kabbalah, Esoteric, Occult, & Freemason Symbols.
    Coldplay is a World – Famous Band, that can be considered the ” Magicians of Music. ”
    & This year they will be Performing at the 2016 Super Bowl Half Time Show – which is a HUGE honor for any artists / musicians.

    As the End Times are CLEARLY upon us – WE ARE GOING TO be seeing MUCH MORE negative & destructive forces ALL around humanity.
    The Entertainment Industry & Hollywood is ONE OF THE BIGGEST TOOLS that will be used against us.

    Satan is running out of time, & his Battle for our Souls is currently being taken to the Next Level.
    Satan / Devil / Lucifer uses The Elite, especially the Kabbalistic Secret Society known as The Illuminati, to bring upon the Antichrist Reign of Power & to distance us from our ONE TRUE LORD.
    The Elite mock OUR TRUE God at every opportunity they get – Through Disinformation, Deceit, & Half-Truths.
    The Powers That Be are NOTHING more than Luciferians WHO ARE RULED BY A Cabalistic Cult. They are part of a Secret Cabal.
    & They ARE ALL nothing more than Worshippers and Promoters of False Gods such as Saturn who is in fact Satan.
    The Kabbalah is a form of Jewish Mysticism & Magic, which the New Age Movement, in these Last Days, has adopted as Doctrine. The Kabbalah is the counterfeit of Satan; a mixture of Demonic Occultism, Pagan Philosophy & Esoteric Gnosticism.
    In essence, the Kabbalah is a way to communicate with DEMONIC ENTITIES AND THE DEVIL HIMSELF.

    The Kabbalah ALSO adheres to the Motto, ” As Above, So Below ” This Ancient Occult phrase, also has the doctrine that all things are One, that there is no God outside of us, that Heaven & Earth are now and have always been a Unity, & that we, ourselves, are ALL collectively “God.”
    The Earth is God, the Stars are God, Nature is God. All is One. All is Divine. This FALSE DOCTRINE dethrones God and enthrones MAN. It unites ALL religions and states that there is no separate Heaven or Hell.

    The United States of America was founded on this Kabbalistic Mystical Belief-System, & that is why we see so much more Blasphemy & Idolatry here, than anywhere else.
    Hollywood among other things, originated here in the USA and is famous throughout the whole world.
    & Unfortunately, we see ALL of these Celebrities BEING indoctrinated into the Kabbalah from the beginning of their rise to WORLD FAME.
    To show their Allegiance to the Kabbalah & the Satanic Elite, the celebrities wear Red Bracelets or Red Strings around their wrists at all times. It is shocking to see how many stars are a part of this cult.
    Kabbalah is translated to the CUBE OF ALLAH – or – THE CUBE OF GOD. This is a reference to the Saturnian False God [ Cronos, El, Saturnus, Saturn, Satan ] who has been worshipped since before the time of Babylon.
    This Album Cover has Saturn References & Symbology ALL OVER.
    The Elite use these Musicians to hit CERTAIN / SIGNIFICANT Sound Frequencies through their Music to Communicate with Demonic Entities.

    The Album Cover portrays the Gnostic Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Saturn, Aum, Cube, Hexagon, & MORE Satanic Symbols.

    This Video Exposes & Reveals The Elite’s Esoteric Thinking & Theology.

    What ever you think about the album cover controversy, we think the music on the album is not at all Coldplay’s best work. Sure seems to be missing something.

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